Special Giving

Donate $100/month for health care for the 100%

We’re looking for 100 people to contribute 100/month to win health care for the 100% by allowing us to sustain our work.

Sign up for a supermarket rewards program

Sign up to have King Soopers/City Market or Safeway donate a percentage of your spendings to the Colorado Foundation.

Create a Facebook fundraising campaign

Run your own Facebook fundraiser for the Foundation

More Tax-Deductible Contributions

Make a tax-deductible contribution

Any contribution to the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care, a 501C3 nonprofit, is tax-deductible and applies directly toward achieving our mission

Donate your Colorado tax refund

Invest your refund in a better health care future for all.

Make a tax-free IRA distribution

Harness your IRA to win health care for all.

Support us with a vehicle donation.

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