Donate your Colorado tax refund!

Filing taxes in Colorado? Previously, Colorado taxpayers could only choose from about 20 organizations to which to donate their state income tax refund. But as of 2019, taxpayers can now write in an organization of their choice. Since the Colorado Foundation for Universal Healthcare is an eligible nonprofit, that means you can donate your refund to us!

How do you donate?

It’s easy! If you’re filing state taxes in Colorado, find the “2019 Voluntary Contributions Schedule” on your 2019 tax form. Look for the new option, “Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund,” and input the following three pieces of information:


Name of registered charitable fund

Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care


CCSA Registration Number

20123009851 (*please note that this is NOT our EIN number)


Donation Amount

Whatever you want!  Give all or part of your refund

Thank you!

Are you a visual learner?

This marked up PDF of an actual Colorado tax form makes refund donation a breeze.

Still want to learn more?

Check out these FAQs and the video below to learn more.