Universal health care would help cure COVID-19, racial injustice

Lincoln, my friend of 20 years, called in early April to let me know that he had taken his mother to the doctor on two separate occasions and her symptoms were minimized, dismissed and she was sent home. The third and final time the staff decided to test her. That’s when they discovered his mother had COVID-19. She died later that day.

A group of people help each other climb a mountain.

Colorado groups unite to pass Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act; Event kickoff Nov. 30

A growing coalition of Colorado groups has united to Push to Pass the federal Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act to give every American access to health care during the pandemic. The group will hold a campaign kick-off event at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 30 on Zoom. Registration is required: https://couniversalhealth.org/latest-news/events/