One of the key factors causing Americans to die from COVID-19 is the U.S. for-profit health care system itself. And yes, it’s worse here than in other countries.


October 9th 2020

Support for Improved Medicare for All (IM4A) across the U.S. has never been greater, nor has the need for it. To make IM4A a reality, let’s let our wealthiest opponents show us how.

Ivan Miller

August 21st 2020

Medicare is, by far, Americans’ favorite payer for health care. But it’s not perfect. Both House and Senate Medicare for All bills IMPROVE on Medicare as well as extending it to all. Here’s how.


August 4th 2020

The Emergency Health Care Guarantee Act (S-3790 and HR-6906 respectively), would cover all out-of-pocket charges for those with insurance and all charges for those without any coverage during the pandemic and cost LESS than extending Cobra.

Bill Semple

July 31st 2020

The Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care condemns the murder of George Floyd as an act of the pervasive racism that has led to the deaths of black, indigenous, people of color through violence, poverty, and unabated discrimination in all areas of life, including health care.

Sara Wright

June 12th 2020

It’s time for Colorado to do what’s simple, needed, and fair: Pay for health care for everyone by collecting payroll taxes everyone can afford.

Sara Wright

May 1st 2020

We’re not going back. How ever we slowly open up, it will be into a new normal.

Bill Semple

April 20th 2020

I have donated thousands of hours and thousands of dollars.


April 6th 2020