Study: health care for all Coloradans via a single payer saves money, lives

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A single payer health care payment system wins the day, saves millions to billions, and helps ALL coloradans, Colo.  study finds

A nonpartisan Colorado Health Care Cost Savings Act of 2019 resulted in a study, delivered to Colorado Legislators on Sept. 1, 2020, that analyzed how a single nonprofit payer for our privately delivered health care would perform compared to our current health care system in Colorado and a system aiming toward universal coverage via many payers including for-profit health insurers.

The results show a single nonprofit payer for our privately delivered health care in Colorado would not only cover everyone and save money; it would net savings upon savings upon savings—and benefits on top of benefits.

Read our media release here.

Check out the 7-page summary by the Health Care Cost Savings Act Task Force.

Read the full Colorado School of Public Health report here.

Watch the video from our Sept. 21 event to learn more.

Gov. Jared Polis and Colo. Legislators: Act on the data! Cover everyone with health care the single payer way ASAP.

Americans are now more afraid of health care bills than we are of getting sick. In Colorado more than 350,000 are uninsured while about double that number have health insurance but cannot afford to use it due to high deductibles and copays.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic,  due to the harsh risks of having one’s health insurance tied to employment, one in four Coloradans are on Medicaid. The US and Colorado still struggle under the most expensive and outlandishly complex health care system in the world. Why?  Because that system profits billionaires who stop at nothing to defeat universal health care.

But now you have clear data showing you the way forward! Want to save Coloradans money on health care? Your own experts, hired at the bequest of a bipartisan bill, tell you how.

Act on the data!

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