America boasts of having the most technologically advanced health care delivery system in the world and yet this technology remains unaffordable for many. As cities and towns continue to address the issues of the homeless, they place affordable housing at the center but neglect the connection between health care and homelessness.

Sara Wright

April 27th 2023

Every Longmont resident should have access to comprehensive, quality health care including vision, hearing, dental, and mental health services, City Council members affirmed Tuesday, April 25 by passing a Resolution by the Longmont City Council Endorsing Improved Medicare for All as the State or National Health System. With the council’s unanimous vote, Longmont joins a growing… Read More »Longmont City Council passes resolution for Improved Medicare for All

Sara Wright

April 26th 2023

The campaign to win health care for everyone in Colorado and the US needs you. Thanks to this new bill, the US could get to universal health care one state at a time.


April 26th 2021

Moral injury, or the psychological distress experienced by committing or failing to prevent acts which oppose one’s moral beliefs, is posing an increasing threat to physicians in the U.S. as more patients are unable to afford care due to lack of health insurance.


April 2nd 2021

Even though statistics on COVID-19’s impact on elders are tragic and frightening, we can’t undermine the negative effects that this pandemic is also having on the younger generation.


January 29th 2021

As a young woman in my 20s, I know many people my age who are no stranger to the lifestyle of the proverbial “starving college student;” however, many of them are not students at all, but full-time employed young people who struggle to pay rent and put food on the table, let alone pay for health care during a pandemic.


December 11th 2020

Americans agree on two key priorities for our health care. Neither is happening.


October 23rd 2020

We’re not going back. How ever we slowly open up, it will be into a new normal.

Bill Semple

April 20th 2020