We stand for equity, health, and justice for all

The Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care condemns the murder of George Floyd as an act of the pervasive racism that has led to the deaths of black, indigenous, people of color through violence, poverty, and unabated discrimination in all areas of life, including health care.

The brutal treatment and killing of Mr. Floyd and the COVID-19 pandemic unmask systemic injustices in our country and impel us to work toward the sweeping changes necessary for a healthy and fair society.

The Foundation works tirelessly alongside our partners for a health care system that will bring down the barriers that have prevented too many Black Americans and other people of color from accessing health care. We stand alongside our brothers and sisters of all races to create a more just society. Today, we recommit to creating systems that work for everyone and elevating the voices raised in a cry for justice.

Black Lives Matter. Health Care justice for all!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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