Push to Pass

Improved Medicare for All

What is the Push to Pass campaign?

Colorado groups that support universal health care are teaming up to demand the affordable health care that we need. We’re calling this coalition Push to Pass.

Cover everyone with health care.

Americans are now more afraid of health care bills than we are of getting sick.

In fact, if our health care dollars weren’t siphoned off to make the rich richer, we could easily afford to cover every human in the US cradle to grave with comprehensive health care for billions less than we now spend. The only reason the US still struggles under the most expensive and outlandishly complex health care system in the world is because that system profits billionaires who stop at nothing to defeat universal health care.

Let’s live our full lives knowing that we’ll have the care we need when we need it. Our nation and people will spend less than we do now and have better care.

Get Started

We’ve put together a bunch of resources so you can help the campaign in whatever ways work for you.

Contact Your Legislators

Use our pre-prepared scripts to contact your legislators by email or by phone.

Read our Op-Eds

Educate yourself on the issues by reading expert opinions.

Attend an Event

Connect with other organizers and volunteers online.

Spread the Word

Write blogs and letters to the editor; post on social media.

Contact your Legislators

Just 5 minutes of your day could get our communities one step closer to a more just health care system. Please remember—personal stories are the keystone to a good email or phone call.

Call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

Want to get more involved? Join our Legislative Action Team. Email Jim Potter.

Phone script
Email script

Read our Op-Eds

Activists rally for improved Medicare for All in 2017 in Los Angeles
This is Medicare for All’s moment

On March 17, US Reps. Pramila Jayapal and Debbie Dingell made history when they introduced a new, improved Medicare for All Act of 2021.

Improved Medicare for All explained

The most beloved and tested single payer health system in the US is Medicare, which works. Now let’s make it work even better and expand it to everyone. 

The planet Earth seen from Apollo 17
What this world’s coming to is up to us

We’re not going back. However we open up, it will be into a new normal.

Colorado groups unite to pass Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act

As Coloradans contend with another surge of infections and deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we also face extraordinary job losses.

Attend an Event

Grow the grassroots for IM4A!

Last Tuesday of each month | 6:30pm

Zoom (online)

Join the Colorado grassroots movement to win Improved Medicare for All, Colorado universal health!

On these monthly calls, activists get connected with others working on universal health care in Colorado, give updates on their recent actions, ask questions, volunteer, and team up to make a difference.

Spread the Word

  • Interested in writing thoughtful blog posts or letters to the editor? Email Bill Semple.
  • Are you a social media guru looking to reach a wider audience? Email Patricia Rice.

Colorado Push to Pass Coalition

We are a grassroots movement to win health care for everyone.